Hope Sanctuary / Farm Animal Sanctuary / Kansas City
Blythe Edelman
Secretary of Board / Animal Caregiver

Blythe Edelman has been an elementary educator for 10 years in Kansas City. She holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and a master’s degree as a reading specialist. Blythe loves opportunities to educate youth and adults alike on the importance of animal advocacy. She began working with dog rescues and helping abandoned and neglected animals. Soon after, she entered the world of activism, protesting animal cruelty in traveling circuses, fur stores, and horse carriage companies through peaceful demonstration and community petitions. She loves being a voice for animals, who she finds to each be unique individuals deserving of kindness and respect. Blythe is grateful for how the vegan and animal rights movement has continued to grow over time, and more compassionate choices are made with animals in mind each new day. In her spare time, she spends time with her loving husband and four rescue dogs hiking, exploring and adventuring. She is a painter and an elementary school teacher. Blythe and her husband go on animal rescue missions together in the Kansas City area when there are animals in need of transport or care.