Who we are

Hope Sanctuary has the vision to transform the quality of life for factory farm animals, through greater understanding, collaboration and by promoting lasting, mutually life-enhancing relationships. We open the minds to what's happening around us and inspire people to be an integral part of the solution. We envision a world in which the practice of kindness and compassion is taught and encouraged at every level of our society, guaranteeing fair and humane treatment for the farm animals worldwide.
The mission of Hope Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of modern-day factory farm animals. We provide refuge to animals that have suffered from abuse and neglect as a direct result of our unsustainable food system. As a part of our program, we believe in creating awareness through unique stories and interactions with the animals. By sharing their stories of resilience and hope, we aim to create a sustainable society that invests in the integrity of our environment and our animals.

meet the team

Member of Board / Animal Caregiver
Animal Rescue Coordinator & Groundskeeper
President of Board / Animal Caregiver
Member of Board / Animal Caregiver
Treasurer of Board / Animal Caregiver
Vice President of Board / Animal Caregiver
President & Founder