Hope Sanctuary Argues Kansas’ Ag-Gag Law is a Violation of the Constitution

Today, Hope Sanctuary filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Kansas’ Ag-Gag law. The lawsuit is brought by Hope Sanctuary, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Center for Food Safety, Legal Defense, and Shy 38 Inc. The lawsuit is challenging the Kansas statute, which criminalizes undercover investigations and whistleblowing at animal facilities, including factory farms, slaughterhouses, and animal research laboratories. In recent history, such undercover investigations have reliably revealed truthful information about severe animal cruelty, unsafe food safety practices, inhumane working conditions, and environmental hazards, all of which are matters of great concern to the public.

Organizations like Mercy for Animals and PETA have exposed shocking animal cruelty through undercover investigations. Animals being beaten, thrown, kicked, stomped, and sexually abused. These investigations are crucial in exposing animal cruelty across industrial farms worldwide.

We filed this lawsuit as it allows us to challenge the Kansas ag-gag law, which blatantly violates Kansas residents First Amendment rights to free speech. It seeks to punish whistleblowers, Investigators, and activists for documenting and recording footage exposing illegal and inhumane conduct on factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Undercover investigations are crucial in exposing cruelty and abuse in the meat, eggs, and dairy industries. These investigations are one of the few ways for the public to receive critical information about animal agriculture operations. These ag-gag laws seek to punish the activists who are acting in the public interest and informing the public of the crimes committed behind closed doors.

Americans deserve transparency and have a right to know what's happening behind closed doors on factory farms.