Ag-Gag Laws: Seek to Punish Whistleblowers, Investigators, and Activists

“Ag-Gag” laws seek to punish whistleblowers, Investigators, and activists for documenting and recording footage exposing the truth about animal agriculture.

Ag-Gag laws were introduced as a response to undercover investigations. These laws were designed to silence activists from exposing animal cruelty, unsafe food safety practices, environmental hazards, and inhumane working conditions.

Why Are Ag-Gag Laws Harmful?

The ability to investigate and document what's happening in these facilities is crucial in exposing animal cruelty, unsafe working conditions and health, labor and environmental violations. There are no government inspections for cruelty violations in factory farms. When workers witness and report abuse, those claims are often ignored.

Undercover investigations led by groups like Mercy for Animals, and Compassion Over Killing have exposed severe animal abuse on factory farms­­­­—animals kicked, thrown, beaten, and stabbed.

Factory farms will do whatever it takes to hide their abusive practices from the public, but the public deserves to know the truth about the billions of animals suffering on industrial farms every day.